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    • Bengal™

      Uniquely designed for transradial prodedures, the Bengal™ Radial Compression Band offers unprecedented control to achieve radial hemostasis. The simple yet elegant design optimizes targeted compression.
      Simple Design
      One device in one adjustable size, no syringe or extra gauze required.
      Direct Control
      Designed to maximize manual control throughout deployement, adjustment and removal.
      Simple design facilitates easy application and removal, no extra tools required
      Transparent polymer provides clear visualization of any bleeding from access site

    • Galt Guidewires

      GALT’s Specialty Guidewires combine added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, and interventional devices within the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

    • Galt Tearaway

      GALT’s Tearaway Introducer Sets & Kits combine precision ergonomic design with the high
      quality expected in fine medical devices. Each introducer system provides consistent performance, and offers a variety of kit configurations for every need. The smooth transition, easy and secure lock, funnel lead-in and unique patented ergonomic hub design add to a successful access every time.

      14cm, 30cm, 44cm, and 50cm lengths available
      Sizes available from 4Fr-16Fr, including some half sizes
      Full kits or individual sets

      For 5cm and 10cm tearaway introducers, please visit the Micro-Access product section.

    • HP Balloon

      The Ates HP PTA Balloon Catheter is a high pressure .035” PTA catheter specifically designed for the effective dilatation of Arterio-Venous fistulae.  It’s unique balanced design delivers the strength needed for resistant venous lesions with the flexibility to both track through tight angulations, and conform to vessel curvature during inflation.  It is the highest pressure conventional balloon on the market, able to treat over 95% of all venous lesions1.  The Ates HP PTA Balloon Catheter is the device of choice for many physicians specializing in the treatment of A-V fistulae.
      3mm – 12mm diameter
      Up to 100mm balloon lengths
      27atm rated burst pressure
      Low compliance balloon
      Flexible coaxial shaft designed for fast deflate
      Balloon rewrap designed for reinsertion
      1 Based extensive US clinical experience.

    • MicroSlide

      Galt Medical Corp. introduces the MicroSlide™ line of vascular access products for smaller patients and smaller vessels. Maintaining the features that are preferred in our current offerings, this gives the clinician an added advantage to size the product to the patient. Patients benefit from being accessed by the appropriately sized products. It is a win-win solution, and now available from Galt Medical.

      2Fr x 3cm and 3Fr x 3cm tearaway introducers
      Available individually or in complete MST Kit
      .008″ and .010″ diameter guidewires
      24ga x 2.5cm and 24ga x 4cm needles

    • Multi-Snare® Micro

      The Multi-Snare® Micro is a multiple, especially small retrieval loop for interventional (neuro-)radiology and cardiology. The highly-efficient, dual-plane design of the Multi-Snare® Micro device makes it possible to grasp objects from any angle.

    • Multi-Snare® Sets

      Dual-plane system  In addition to the main loop, the Multi-Snare® also features an additional, lateral retrieval function.
      These two planes enable objects of all kinds to be grasped quickly and safely.
      Variable loop size  The diameter of the loop on the Multi-Snare® can be easily adjusted to the exact size of the object to be retrieved.
      Dual-plane system for retrieval using the loop or for lateral grasping
      Radiopaque loop made from coiled platinum wire
      High tensile strength thanks to flexible nitinol core wire
      Low-profile introducer sheath (3 F minimum)
      The loops can be rotated 360°
      Reduced friction, direct 1:1 torque and excellent leverage during application

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      New popliteal vein route
      For particular situations, ALN has developed a popliteal approach that allows placement of Vena Cava Filter and treatment of DVT without additional handling of the patient.
      ASEPT® Drainage System
      The ASEPT® peritoneal and pleural drainage system serves the regular drainage of recurring and symptomatic ascites. The catheter is designed for the gaining of long-term access to the cavity in order to relieve symptoms such as dyspnoea.
      Treatment Versatility for Coronary Interventions
      Laser atherectomy safely and reliably leverages three unique mechanisms of action to gently vaporize the full spectrum of morphologies
      ASEPT® Drainage Bottles and Bags now available online!
      The ASEPT® Drainage kit configuration includes a 600ml or 1000ml vacuum bottle set, a 2000ml gravity drainage bag,and the procedure pack with all of the dressing change items needed to complete an at-home drainage procedure.
      Home Drainage Made Easy