Adelante Sigma

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    • Adelante Sigma


      The Adelante® Sigma is the next generation in vascular access sheath introducers, featuring the latest hemostatic valve technology, which allows for the introduction of small to large devices.


    • Adelante® Safesheath® II


      This next generation peel away introducer features the latest lubricated hemostatic valve membrane that provides low insertion forces during procedures. It also includes a sideport with a 3-way stopcock that provides a convenient means of aspirating and flushing the introducer.

    • Adelante® Safesheath® Ultra Lite


      The Adelante® SafeSheath® Ultra Lite Peel Away Introducer System, features a specially engineered valve membrane that allows for reduced insertion forces during procedures

    • Bengal™

      Uniquely designed for transradial prodedures, the Bengal™ Radial Compression Band offers unprecedented control to achieve radial hemostasis. The simple yet elegant design optimizes targeted compression.
      Simple Design
      One device in one adjustable size, no syringe or extra gauze required.
      Direct Control
      Designed to maximize manual control throughout deployement, adjustment and removal.
      Simple design facilitates easy application and removal, no extra tools required
      Transparent polymer provides clear visualization of any bleeding from access site

    • Elite HV™

      GALT’s Micro-Access ELITE HV™ Hemostasis Valve Introducer Kits provide the high
      quality expected for use during Cardiac Cath Lab and interventional procedures. They are specially designed to provide consistent performance every time.

      • .018” combination micro-introducer and valve introducer sheath
      • 5.5cm and 12cm lengths
      • Radiopaque band available

    • Fluent™, Fluent™ stiffen

      The Fluent™ is designed for ease of access, with redesigned angles and silicone coating. Test data shows the Fluent™ is more effective in reducing penetration forces than the leading competitor.
      • Fluent transition
      • 4Fr and 5Fr sizes
      • Regular and Stiff cannula configurations
      • X-Sharp™ 21ga echogenic needle with bevel indicator
      • Variety of guidewire options including high-radiopacity tips
      • All-inclusive packaging

    • Galt Dilator

      Vessel Dilators

      Packaged separate sterile
      4-16 Fr sizes, 18cm length

    • Galt Guidewires

      GALT’s Specialty Guidewires combine added precision and design needed for today’s advanced and complex interventional procedures. Intended for use with diagnostic and therapeutic catheters, and interventional devices within the coronary and peripheral vasculature.

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      New popliteal vein route
      For particular situations, ALN has developed a popliteal approach that allows placement of Vena Cava Filter and treatment of DVT without additional handling of the patient.
      ASEPT® Drainage System
      The ASEPT® peritoneal and pleural drainage system serves the regular drainage of recurring and symptomatic ascites. The catheter is designed for the gaining of long-term access to the cavity in order to relieve symptoms such as dyspnoea.
      Treatment Versatility for Coronary Interventions
      Laser atherectomy safely and reliably leverages three unique mechanisms of action to gently vaporize the full spectrum of morphologies
      ASEPT® Drainage Bottles and Bags now available online!
      The ASEPT® Drainage kit configuration includes a 600ml or 1000ml vacuum bottle set, a 2000ml gravity drainage bag,and the procedure pack with all of the dressing change items needed to complete an at-home drainage procedure.
      Home Drainage Made Easy