ALN Vena Cava Filter

ALN Vena Cava Filter

ALN Vena Cava Filter

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Product Description

New ALN Vena Cava Filter with Hook !

The ALN Filter with Hook has the same features as the OPTIONAL ALN Vena Cava Filter :

  • Stainless Steel – MRI Compatible – Non magnetic
  • Not thrombogenic due to : no soldering joints, less than 1 gram, design
  • The risk of break is reduced : the struts are crimped
  • Keeps its final spatial form due to the filter holder : no reported cases of non-opening of the filter

You have the choice to retrieve the ALN Filter with Hook using one of the ALN Removal Kits (straight, pre-curved, 2 in 1) or using a Snare.


The new poplieteal vein route allows placement of vena cava filter and treatment of DVT without additional handling of the patient.

Brochure ALN Vena Cava Filter

Brochure New poplieteal vein route

Poster : Implantation procedure

ALN Technical Sheet

Video : Implantation

ALN - implants chirurgicaux



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  • Category:

    Vena cava filter

  • Procedure:

    Pulmonary embolism protection

  • Speciality:

    Interventional radiology, Vascular surgery

New popliteal vein route
For particular situations, ALN has developed a popliteal approach that allows placement of Vena Cava Filter and treatment of DVT without additional handling of the patient.
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